Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i havent posted anything in awhile, but not much has been going on i guess. just school and the same ol' bull everyday. im pretty sure something interesting will come up.

im still aliveeee dont worry.

Friday, September 11, 2009


So this is goodbye?
Thanks for the hurt & the pain
Thanks for the tears & the anger
Thanks for the promises you didn't keep,
For the things you said but didn't mean,
For the lies you told,
For the secrets you shared with everyone?
Thanks for the broken heart.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

back again.

so i haven't posted in awhile cause i really haven't found anything to blog about. but now i guess i can blog about the first week of school. kinda interesting, but not really, sooooo ummm yeahhh...

let's start with the people...

so it appears that EVERYONE is wearing Nike Blazers this year and its aight, but i dont feel special anymore lol. most people only have the knock-offs anyway and i have the black and red, SB's, so i feel official. last year i was the ONLY chick wearing nike blazers at my school [i had the navy and burgundy lowtop SB's] but now i guess its becoming a trend...

speaking of trends, if i see one more dude with a mohawk i swear im gonna go nutsss. like they are so whack and played out and people just try TOO HARD to be different. but thats them and not me, so ehh, whatever.

then you have some of the freshman girls who think they're coming to take over the school blah blah blah. i mean, i was a freshman last year, but i never acted out. all of the yelling and screaming is maddddd unnecessary, but i guess you have to be noticed somehow in the world.

the plastic jewlery is getting old.

everyone wants to be a "jerk". cause last year at my school it was krumping [lameeeeee] and now everyone jerks [still lameee] i swear people trip me out

my classes were okay. teachers are cool.

ummm other than that, its the same ol' shit. same ol' boring school.

that's it

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

what i desperately neeeedd.

not really into girly pink shit...but this could work.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


i havent update this in awhile.
i definitely need to.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

got my schedule for school

something like this.

algebra 2
spanish 1
english 2
allied health 1

2nd semester

spanish 2
civics and economics
honors chemistry.

i might take out that allied health shit cause it's if you wanna be a doctor in the future, i think. might trade it out for visual arts or something, dont know yet. but math first thing in the morningggg holyyy shit. failureee right there.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a job well doneee.

me and little sis had to clean the bathroom today. dee-skus-tinggggg! i swear, a fuckin monster came out the toilet, haha, but yeah, it wasnt pleasant. people in this house dont know how to keep their shit clean at all like seriously.

the toilet, omggg, haha.

but we finished and it was a job well done.
Blogging from my phone and trying this shit out. its cool.

click click.

Monday, July 27, 2009

what i'm trying to obtain.

purple authentic/era vans. ordering these online if possible...

The Baby Blue G-Shock. it costs like 100 dollars, but i'll get it or cheap off of ebay.

this race thing.

one thing i dont understand is when black people go around blaming everything on white people. "oh, they can do that because they're white" or "a black person couldnt do that". like dude stfu and if you're so sour, go do something with your life so you can have the same "privileges" as the white people.

as for me, i wasnt brought up on that. my great grandmother is half-white and my grandmother is half-white also, and my grandad is cherokee indian. so i dont discriminate againt any race because i come from so many different backgrounds.

another thing that gets me is when guys say they would only date "mixed females". to me, that IS RACIST and stupid. should the color matter? what if you knew a drop dead gorgeous black girl and she had a great personality, would you ignore her because she wasn't "mixed"?

im just saying...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

king of pop is gone.

so why cant people just drop that shit now? all this investigating and shit they're trying to do, nooo nigga. why do ya'll care so much now?


"oh, i was a fan BEFORE he died."

bitch kiss my ass. you were calling him a child molester like everyone else.

dumbass clip of the dayyy.

i cant embed photobucket up here and youtube takes too long. so i just uploaded on vimeo. =]

dumbass clip of the day from taylauriee on Vimeo.

my dog + his reflection = LMAO

Saturday, July 25, 2009


do i have the courage to hear your voice again?
to listen to you tell me you love me?
maybe im just afraid
feeling like a coward
cancelling at the last hour.
yeah, i dont waste my time talking on the phone...
but with you, things are different.
i'd fall asleep to your voice any night
have you on repeat.
anything to stop this pounding beat of my heart.
everything is too much.
and to me, your voice is like smooth sand.
so i ask myself this question...
do i have the courage to hear your voice again?

written by me.

classic video

and dizamnnn @ dude sticking the remote up his ass.

throwback gch

this is gym class heroes-papercuts from their first album "the papercut chronicles." i've been on them for a long ass time and their music is good. i just hate that they're like, turning into "hip-hop" now. i hate that song they have with the dream.

Friday, July 24, 2009

damn, you annoy me.

i hate people that constantly ask me the same shit, like when people beg to hang out with you, i mean, i'll try to hang out with you but dont beg me, thats so fucking annoying. besides, i dont like hanging out that much because i get bored real quick and most people cant keep my attention. and then its always the same thing, "let's go to the movies," "let's go to the mall" etc. im only gonna go to the mall if i have money, like why the fuck would i go just to look around? because if i see someting i like and i dont have money, im gonna get mad as hell.

then if you go to the movies, you see the same people everytime. the same trends, etc. then people like to stare. like omgg, especially black people. if they see something that you're wearing, that's like different, they'll stare at you forever. i mean, if you're gonna stare, at least come up to me and say something. and then dudes try to spit game when they look bummy as hell.

maannn, please!

Monday, July 20, 2009

i wanna be.

i've been listening to chris brown's "i wanna be" a lot lately, and it really has me thinking. i have this bestfriend, and i like him more than im supposed to [he knows who he is] and he told me once that the feeling was mutual but that was a long time ago, so idk.

we've grown really distant though, and i hate that shit. happiness is always there when im with him or when i talk to him and i want things to stay that way. but shit is confusing, so i'll just stick to daydreaming.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

people that ruin my day.

i hate people like this, honestly. people always wanna ruin someone elses' happiness. like, i just dont understand.

but shit happens.

first radio show.

so me and my friend shakila did our first radio show last night and that shit!

we doing it better tonight, tho.

Friday, July 17, 2009

kicking it to you.

picked these up from this skate shop downtown. nobody around here really wears blazers like that. i wanna switch up the shoe laces too.

yeahh, i gotta big ass foot, haha.

oh yeah, i didnt like my face in this picture.

photos from doctor visit.

my mom...just cant get away from that work.

my doctor painted this. she's talented.

this too...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

these shits are ugly

Omarion's new brand of shoes.

They look like a knock-off of Kanye's shoes.
and the velcro strap is just fucking awkward.
never in my life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the robots in my banner were made by cheylin @ deviantart
i just made the graphic

but i gotta credit her tho
cause i wouldnt want anyone to steal my shit and not credit me.


so i went to the doctor today because of chest pains and i have some shit that deals with the inflammation of my ribs. i know it sounds bad, but it really isnt.

im only 5'2 too and i thought i was taller than that, guess not.

i'll post pictures later of some nice shit i saw in the doctor's office.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i dont watch much of that shit, and when i do, its usually MTV or the Food Channel. nothing on tv really isnt that interesting anymore. its the same ol' shit. the same ol' reality dating shows [ie- flavor of love, real chance of love, i love new york, etc...]

106 & park needs to go off air. i stopped watching that shit when Free and AJ left.

disney channel is corny as fuck. i'll watch mulan and aladdin tho. tarzan too.

nickelodeon is getting stupid as fuck. with whack ass shows like icarly and shit, ewww. spongebob is the only thing worth watching.

i can watch the food channel all day tho. like drooling and shit over the food they have up there. dude, omgggggg.

tv doesnt even help my insomnia, so idk.

dream camera

The Canon Powershot. The pictures come out like really clear and i REALLY need a new camera. the one i have now gives me so manyy problemssss.


myspace is gettin crazier and crazier each day. i've seen so much ridiculous shit, i dont even know where to start. it entertains my day, though, and it cures boredom.

i hate when people send ME a friend request and tell me not to be a stranger...

nigga, you requested ME! i didn't request you, so i can be a fucking "stranger" if i want to. shit, i got the power to delete you from my friends.

then you got the people that display all their emotions in their status. boo-hoo shit like "just broke up with my man" etc, you know? like, i dont think anyone else really gives a fuck whats going on in your life, 'cause we all got our own problems. not to be mean or nothing...but c'mon.

and when people tell me to comment their default, but it's really not worth commenting. and im not gonna comment if i can't say anything nice, that's just me.

then you got the niggas that message you with messages like:

"what up baby"

or something like that. i mean, you could've sent me a comment if that's all you were gonna say [not like i was gonna comment back, haha] but still. omgg, that shit is ughhhh.

&& then you got these poorly edited not even gonna start on those.

then the arguments and shit over know how that goes.

i still log on everyday though, loll.

aye yo i asked her, if she liked the pasture

this is like my favorite spot to take pictures.

Monday, July 13, 2009

funniest shit i seen all day


Frankie [Keyshia Cole's mom] and her new guy.

This dude clearly just wants her for the money Keyshia is supplying her with. Cause the looks just aren't there.

wtf is wrong with people?

at last.

i took one picture.

but there are so many nosey people outside.

mind your business.

rain rain, go the fuck away.

hmmphh, so i'm sorta pissed that i cant go outside and take pictures like i want.
its raining and shit, and i dont wanna mess my camera up.

hopefully, the rain will let up before the sun goes down.


Sunday, July 12, 2009


I hate bugs, all of 'em. ESPECIALLY SPIDERS! it's like those motherfuckers will pop out of the woodworks. i saw a spider earlier and no matter how hard i stepped on him/her/it, it wouldn't die! so i just like karate kicked the shit out of it and that was that. it was six feet under.

i hate staying near the woods mannnnn.

but what can i do?

if you don't know, now you know.

Johnson & Jonson- Up All Night.



so these things are called ear laces, and honestly, the style is fucking ugly. what's the fucking point? just buy some damn earrings and a necklace. but idk, people are starting to like them, so maybe its a new trend.

but i dont follow trends, so...

i just want.

i just want a dude that's respectful and who i can hold intellectual conversation with. i don't want a fake ass gangster, or a gangster period, 'cause that's lame. i want a dude that isn't selfish. i want a dude who can dress well, not dress like these lame ass trends. i want a dude that doesn't play games.

but we all can't have what we want in life, right?


snap this.

thought the scenery was perfect. i got that shirt for cheap too. don't see the fucking point in buying an expensive ass shirt when you can get it somewhere else for cheap. its nice, i like it. purple is cool.

the worst.

omggg, my damn mouth is hurting right now and idk why. i think i ate something that i wasn't supposed to eat, but who knows. i'm always doing some stupid shit. shit happens though, and complaining isn't gonna get me anywhere. complaining never gets anyone anywhere.

another boring week ahead of me. not shit to do, like always. but im fine with that. rather be home.

my family is driving me nuts though. they lack respect of privacy.

but shit happens.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Top Five Reasons Why I Hate Going Out.

1- Hood Rats/Broads/Black people that don't want to act right.

For i just happened to go to the bowling alley tonight and honestly, i wish i never did. I wasted my damn time and i could've stayed home and watched someone bowl on TV or some shit like that. but anyway, i saw the most ghetto shit tonight. people were dancing in the damn parking lot and to tell you the truth they looked a hot damn mess. all gyrating and shit, doing fucking splits on the parking, doesn't that fucking scratch up the heels of your feet or something? any way, they were dancing on cars and shit and it was disgusting. this is why i stay my ass home.

2- Ugly Ass Clothes

Now i know everyone has their different variations of styles and stuff, but being tacky is no fucking excuse. i saw chicks with green and orange tracks in their hair, like come the fuck on. tired of this rainbow looking shit. stop tryna be all difficult, go simple. you'll save yourself from looking like an ass.

3- Big Ass People that don't wear the right clothes

PLEASE WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT YOU! for example, me and my friend saw somebody shaped like a damn zoo animal, and they had the nerve to be wearing a shirt with their back out with rolls for daysssssss! yeah, everyone doesn't have the perfect shaped body, but please wear something that's gonna look good on you, not something you had to fucking squeeze into just to wear.

4- Big Mouth Bitches/Bitches that try to make beef for attention.

Idk if they're getting any attention at home or not, but obviously, most of them feel the need to come out in public and voice their opinions like people fucking care. for another fucking example, me and my friend were walking to the damn Food Lion [cause it was better than the damn bowling alley] and these chicks were dancing out in the open, like c'mon. and you know, we look their way just to see what's going on, and when we look away someone yells "There's are two haters!" Mind you, i don't even know these girls. but when stuff like that happens, you gotta ignore ignorance and just keep walking, because arguing and smart comments aren't even worth it.

5- Niggas that stare and try to talk to you, but look fucking nasty.

That one explains its self.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Dudes are just confusing these days. They say one thing, but mean something totally different. Most of them aren't even worth my time, honestly. They play too many games and lack maturity. They're all the same.

All the fucking same.

So this is Blu. His music is pretty dope and he's sort of like an underground rapper, well actually a lyricist. He raps about meaningful things, that's why I listen to him.

I suggest:
Soul Amazin'
First Things First
My World Is...
Blu Colla Worker
Dancing in the Rain
No Greater Love
Love Lines.

“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you”

Honestly, I don't really trust people. They tell you one thing, but do the complete opposite. I've learned to just stop telling people shit, because stuff always comes back to bite me in the ass.

People are fake these days and since it's so hard to seperate the real from the fake, I'll just stop doing it. I'll just keep being a loner and trust myself.

That is all.

Tiny and Toya

BET disgusts me. If this isn't the most hood-rat show I've ever seen, I don't know what is. I simply watch this show to laugh. Sometimes it can have some good stuff, but other than that nahhhhhh. WTF have these two done to get a show, besides getting knocked up by a rapper? I don't get it.


Oh hell.


I'm not doing much these days, seeing as it's the summer. All I do is sleep late, play piano, eat, listen to music, and get on the computer. I hate pools cause I don't like swimming, but bathing suits are cool I guess.

As for school, I just go and come home. I tried out that little thing called "homecoming" once, but it was beyond whack. I got rained on and it fucked up my hair, so I said,


Then this chick asked me was I going to prom. Dialogue was like:

Her: You going to prom your junior and senior year?
Me: Nah.
Her: Why?
Me: I don't do prom...or dresses...
Her: You're weird.
Me: I know.

Then people wanna ask me why I don't try out for sports...cause sports make you fucking sweaty, that's why! And I'm not all that athletic, really.

But I consider my self the coolest nigga.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm getting tired of this shit.

This shit meaning MySpace.

But hey, it entertains my day.

We The Kings- Secret Valentine

My song of the summer.

hmmm about myself?

I'm nothing spectacular, really.

Umm, I stay in North Carolina [which is very lame by the way, someone shoot me].

I have plenty friends, but only like 2 percent of 'em interest me. The others are kind of lame, to tell you the truth. I have two best friends, Xzavier and Kierra. I've known Xzavier since 8th grade [I'm in the 10th grade]. The teacher lady woman moved us beside eachother in Algebra, and we hit it off ever since then, I guess. I love him, sometimes more than my own family, and I know that's bad, but hey, what can I say? I just met Kierra this year, and we're already close, that's how awesome she is. She's dumb retarded too, in a good way.

As for getting out and going places and shit, I don't do that much. It gets boring, and its always the same shit, same problems. I'll only get out if I go shopping or if I'm invited to someone's house [which is often] but sometimes I don't wanna go. Home is where I like to be. I'm more productive in my own environment.

The outdoors is cool, it's a nice place to take pictures. I'm gonna major in Photography when I go to college [ECUUUUU!]. I'm getting pretty good actually, I just need a new camera. Christmas is around the corner.

My family is just weird. That's it. But I love them, give and take some things. My dog seems to understand me more, and I know that's bad too. But at least animals can't judge.

Music is in my soul. I listen to rock, indie, classical, and some r&b. Maybe a little bit of rap. I went to see The Cool Kids in concert once, they were cool.

and now I'm just babbling on...

trends of '09.

Trends are like what society wants you to be, like you can't be your own person. Me, I don't dress to impress, I dress to be comfortable. I stray away from the crowd. I'm a loner and I'm just fine with that.

Sometimes, I try to tell people how stupid trends are, but they just call me a hater. So I walk away from those people and laugh to myself, 'cause they're fucking idiots, on some real shit.

But here are some trends I am seeing so far this year:

Skinny Jeans on Dudes.

I remember when dudes I knew used to clown the hell out of pants that other dudes would wear that were tight. But now, almost everyone is wearing the "ball huggers". I mean, if you're gonna wear them, at least wear them with the right shoes. Not just some dirty ass Forces or whatever. But idk, I don't know much about guys and there shoes. As for me, I prefer some nice Blazers or Vans.

Girls and those motherfucking flats/babydoll shoes/whatever the fuck they are called!

I've seen so many chicks wear these shoes with ALMOST every outfit. And most of them are like busted, or scuffed or whatever. That irks the hell out of me, dead ass. Ugh, I CAN'T TAKE IT! "you mad?" hell yeah.

Fake-ass "skater" style.

Dudes claim they are "skaters". Actually, I don't think true skaters worry about what they're wearing, but more like how they're gonna master their next move. Most of these dudes that swear up and down that they're skaters can't even tell me the difference between a Ollie and a Kickflip. They can't tell me who Ryan Sheckler is or who Bob Burnquist is. Oh yeah, shouts out to Ryan Sheckler and dominating the MEGA RAMP. I couldn't do that shit in my dreams.

I'm done for now because I can't think of anymore.

Signing out.

back again.

So, this happens to be my second blog, because I can't remember the password to my other one, which sucks, because I had some pretty good shit up there.

I know you're saying I could've just went through all that "lost password shit", but honestly, I didn't feel like it. Dude, I could hardly type the little captcha thingy this site has going on. I felt like a dumbass, a true dumbass. All the words were scrunched together--death for my eyeballs.

But I'm back and in action.

What's good?