Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i dont watch much of that shit, and when i do, its usually MTV or the Food Channel. nothing on tv really isnt that interesting anymore. its the same ol' shit. the same ol' reality dating shows [ie- flavor of love, real chance of love, i love new york, etc...]

106 & park needs to go off air. i stopped watching that shit when Free and AJ left.

disney channel is corny as fuck. i'll watch mulan and aladdin tho. tarzan too.

nickelodeon is getting stupid as fuck. with whack ass shows like icarly and shit, ewww. spongebob is the only thing worth watching.

i can watch the food channel all day tho. like drooling and shit over the food they have up there. dude, omgggggg.

tv doesnt even help my insomnia, so idk.

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