Saturday, July 11, 2009

Top Five Reasons Why I Hate Going Out.

1- Hood Rats/Broads/Black people that don't want to act right.

For i just happened to go to the bowling alley tonight and honestly, i wish i never did. I wasted my damn time and i could've stayed home and watched someone bowl on TV or some shit like that. but anyway, i saw the most ghetto shit tonight. people were dancing in the damn parking lot and to tell you the truth they looked a hot damn mess. all gyrating and shit, doing fucking splits on the parking, doesn't that fucking scratch up the heels of your feet or something? any way, they were dancing on cars and shit and it was disgusting. this is why i stay my ass home.

2- Ugly Ass Clothes

Now i know everyone has their different variations of styles and stuff, but being tacky is no fucking excuse. i saw chicks with green and orange tracks in their hair, like come the fuck on. tired of this rainbow looking shit. stop tryna be all difficult, go simple. you'll save yourself from looking like an ass.

3- Big Ass People that don't wear the right clothes

PLEASE WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT YOU! for example, me and my friend saw somebody shaped like a damn zoo animal, and they had the nerve to be wearing a shirt with their back out with rolls for daysssssss! yeah, everyone doesn't have the perfect shaped body, but please wear something that's gonna look good on you, not something you had to fucking squeeze into just to wear.

4- Big Mouth Bitches/Bitches that try to make beef for attention.

Idk if they're getting any attention at home or not, but obviously, most of them feel the need to come out in public and voice their opinions like people fucking care. for another fucking example, me and my friend were walking to the damn Food Lion [cause it was better than the damn bowling alley] and these chicks were dancing out in the open, like c'mon. and you know, we look their way just to see what's going on, and when we look away someone yells "There's are two haters!" Mind you, i don't even know these girls. but when stuff like that happens, you gotta ignore ignorance and just keep walking, because arguing and smart comments aren't even worth it.

5- Niggas that stare and try to talk to you, but look fucking nasty.

That one explains its self.

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