Friday, July 24, 2009

damn, you annoy me.

i hate people that constantly ask me the same shit, like when people beg to hang out with you, i mean, i'll try to hang out with you but dont beg me, thats so fucking annoying. besides, i dont like hanging out that much because i get bored real quick and most people cant keep my attention. and then its always the same thing, "let's go to the movies," "let's go to the mall" etc. im only gonna go to the mall if i have money, like why the fuck would i go just to look around? because if i see someting i like and i dont have money, im gonna get mad as hell.

then if you go to the movies, you see the same people everytime. the same trends, etc. then people like to stare. like omgg, especially black people. if they see something that you're wearing, that's like different, they'll stare at you forever. i mean, if you're gonna stare, at least come up to me and say something. and then dudes try to spit game when they look bummy as hell.

maannn, please!

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