Tuesday, July 14, 2009


myspace is gettin crazier and crazier each day. i've seen so much ridiculous shit, i dont even know where to start. it entertains my day, though, and it cures boredom.

i hate when people send ME a friend request and tell me not to be a stranger...

nigga, you requested ME! i didn't request you, so i can be a fucking "stranger" if i want to. shit, i got the power to delete you from my friends.

then you got the people that display all their emotions in their status. boo-hoo shit like "just broke up with my man" etc, you know? like, i dont think anyone else really gives a fuck whats going on in your life, 'cause we all got our own problems. not to be mean or nothing...but c'mon.

and when people tell me to comment their default, but it's really not worth commenting. and im not gonna comment if i can't say anything nice, that's just me.

then you got the niggas that message you with messages like:

"what up baby"

or something like that. i mean, you could've sent me a comment if that's all you were gonna say [not like i was gonna comment back, haha] but still. omgg, that shit is ughhhh.

&& then you got these poorly edited pictures...im not even gonna start on those.

then the arguments and shit over statuses...you know how that goes.

i still log on everyday though, loll.

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