Monday, July 27, 2009

this race thing.

one thing i dont understand is when black people go around blaming everything on white people. "oh, they can do that because they're white" or "a black person couldnt do that". like dude stfu and if you're so sour, go do something with your life so you can have the same "privileges" as the white people.

as for me, i wasnt brought up on that. my great grandmother is half-white and my grandmother is half-white also, and my grandad is cherokee indian. so i dont discriminate againt any race because i come from so many different backgrounds.

another thing that gets me is when guys say they would only date "mixed females". to me, that IS RACIST and stupid. should the color matter? what if you knew a drop dead gorgeous black girl and she had a great personality, would you ignore her because she wasn't "mixed"?

im just saying...

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