Sunday, August 30, 2009

back again.

so i haven't posted in awhile cause i really haven't found anything to blog about. but now i guess i can blog about the first week of school. kinda interesting, but not really, sooooo ummm yeahhh...

let's start with the people...

so it appears that EVERYONE is wearing Nike Blazers this year and its aight, but i dont feel special anymore lol. most people only have the knock-offs anyway and i have the black and red, SB's, so i feel official. last year i was the ONLY chick wearing nike blazers at my school [i had the navy and burgundy lowtop SB's] but now i guess its becoming a trend...

speaking of trends, if i see one more dude with a mohawk i swear im gonna go nutsss. like they are so whack and played out and people just try TOO HARD to be different. but thats them and not me, so ehh, whatever.

then you have some of the freshman girls who think they're coming to take over the school blah blah blah. i mean, i was a freshman last year, but i never acted out. all of the yelling and screaming is maddddd unnecessary, but i guess you have to be noticed somehow in the world.

the plastic jewlery is getting old.

everyone wants to be a "jerk". cause last year at my school it was krumping [lameeeeee] and now everyone jerks [still lameee] i swear people trip me out

my classes were okay. teachers are cool.

ummm other than that, its the same ol' shit. same ol' boring school.

that's it

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